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Treatment Techniques

1.Body balance check up & Diagnosis

2. 8 Constitution medicine diet & Nutrition combination

3. Blood observation & prescription

4. Oriental medicine & acupuncture prescription

5.Abdominal examination & treatment

6. Cupping therapy

7. Lymph therapy

8. genetics & aptitude test

9. Genetic  matching test with partner

10. Psychological interpretation

11. myofascial release treatment

12. meditation & breathing Basic 

13. Exercise & treatment

14. Color therapy

15. Functional medicine prescription

16. Herbal medicine prescription

17. Question about yourself & anything


SPFM Acupuncture
Prevention Functional Medicine 

Treatment Plans

AB Course (Awakening Body Course)

Diabetes, dementia, high blood pressure, arthritis, obesity, insomnia... adult diseases and immune diseases, etc.

TT- 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,13,14,15


BB Course (Balance Body - Detox/Wellbeing)

It is not a particularly serious disease, but it is a total body solution for the life pursued by those who do not always feel refreshed, who want to maintain a better physical condition, or who want to slow down aging.

TT- 1,2,3,5,8,11,12,13,14,15


SA Course (Scientific Aptitude Test Course/Matching Test)

By applying blood tests, genetic tests, epidemiological theories, etc., it is a test that can find out everything about an individual's aptitude, personality, disease, taste, job, human relationship, and life in general with scientific data. Furthermore, the measurement of the chemical reactivity with the other party can be known very precisely.



BR Course (Brain Refreshing Course - Psychotherapy)

It is a treatment that scientifically approaches the physical, chemical, and psychological problems of brain cells.



MT Course (Matching Test Course)

If the interaction with the other person in life is smooth, most people will be happy.

If that condition is difficult, at least find a way to meet it.


Acupuncture, Lymph, Massage Therapy

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