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Before going into the diagnostic process, it is important for me to learn about the patient’s ultimate goals. If the patient is not willing to change certain behaviors or mindsets on the things that they were doing that I think it is harmful, no matter what kind of therapy I provide, there will not be any drastic changes in health. Hence, the patient’s mindset is really important in this process.


Diagnosis of all diseases are done by science and medicine from human cells. Such as but not limited to brain cell, nerve cells, skeletal cells, muscle cells, visceral cells, fascia cells, blood cells, immune cells, hormones, lymphocytes, DNA and mitochondria.

Depending on your symptoms and goals, I utilizes psychotherapy, physical therapy, acupuncture therapy, cupping therapy, massage therapy, lymph therapy, neurotherapy, meditation therapy, training therapy, exercise therapy, dance therapy, ritual rehabilitation therapy, nutritional therapy, regimen therapy, color treatment, art therapy, fate treatment and/or feng shui treatment.



1. Diagnose the patient’s past, present and future health condition based on analyzing current health symptoms. When I find symptoms that the patient was unaware and are best to be looked by other traditional medicine, I refer my patients to get proper treatments because health of the patient is my number one priority.


​2. Examine patient’s current medications and his/her dependence on any chronic diseases.  

3. Discuss patient’s ultimate goal on how far he/she wants to achieve because my process and results vary depending on the patient’s own will. 

4. I ask my patients to have open mind and ears. The patient might have thought he/she has a stomach disease, however, during my examination, I may discover the root cause of the stomach pain which needs to be treated. If the root cause is treated, the stomach pain that the patient was feeling will naturally heal itself because our body is amazing!

5. Provide training plan tailored specifically to the patient after our counseling session.

6. Conduct diagnosis and treatment which consist of 7-10 complex processes. Through this process, the patient will receive personalized consultation regarding one’s constitution, body type, stamina, hobbies, taste, personality, gender, age, nutritional status, food intake, immune system, occupation and lifestyle.

7. Follow up with the patient on the progress. The follow up terms are decided according to the goal and health condition of the patient. In the meantime, the patient is given homework. It’s not difficult, but it’s a mandatory assignment. Depending on the assignment execution rate, the results are night and day. Through this process, the patient will be able to confirm positive changes within one’s body.


The purpose of my treatments is to help cure from auto immune diseases, stimulate metabolism, liberate the body from all medication and bring a natural holistic healing that is right for the patient.  All diagnoses and prescriptions may be available even with the first visit. However, many chronic diseases undergo various changes in the course of treatment. It is common for a chronic disease to hide in deep cells and then raise its head after several months to years.


In alternative medicine, it is called a manifestation reaction. I want the patient to experience this from the first examination with me. However, this is not easy because understanding the body and cells are pretty complex process.


The SPFM THEORY is a prevention of disease which helps to empower oneself to detox and self-medicate. This empowerment will serve to save human bodies and cells from many incurable diseases, chronic illnesses, mental illness, and/or the common misconception about the body, food and water. 


8. The SPFM THEORY’s basic prescription is to detox and be completely independent from the chemicals that the patient is consuming from food and/or medication.


9. During the course of treatment, the goal is to have the body and mind move together. Simply put, the body is made up of cells and the mind is also made up of cells and a nerve system. The patient who is wishing to self-medicate will be treated holistically. The patient will not only acquire health but also gain knowledge, passion and stamina and save time and money in a long run as a part of an alternative medicine treatment method.


Here are some examples of what self-medication mean:

  • People often take a sleeping pill to make ourselves sleepy at night. Rather than dropping the diabetic level with a single pill, you are creating a body that can control insulin yourself.

  • People often take a painkiller when there is a migraine but painkiller pills may cause blockage of blood vessels and nerves to the brain. Rather than suppressing blood pressure with high blood pressure medications, it is to balance the heart and kidneys to form blood pressure appropriate for age.

  • People on a diet usually suffer from malnutrition or yo-yo phenomenon due to starvation or protein diet for obesity. Instead of these side effects, my treatment will aid the body to not accumulate waste or fat by naturally raising body metabolism.

  • People with skin allergies are taking antihistamines but my treatment will naturally cure the allergies by avoiding certain food consumptions.


These symptoms are just a tip of an iceberg that can naturally disappear when cells become healthy.


We are so used to only seeing the phenomenon but lack the power to know about the root cause. The dietary plan will be different person to person because of the constitution at birth. Just because we know one food is known as “superfood” does not mean that it will have the same health benefits to all.  


Look at nature! Everything around us need some basic nutrients, but depending on the type of fruits, vegetables and plants, the climate, water, sunlight, and temperature are needed at different levels to grow optimally.

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