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The spfm theory summaries the clinical results of 20 years and sees the causes of disease and aging. 

  1. Fascia stiffness.

The first cause is stiffness of the fascia. Imagine a newborn baby. Until the age of 10, the stiffness of the fascia is not noticeable. However, these days the stiffness of the fascia is common enough to be seen in teenagers. The biggest cause of fascia stiffness is from the frequent usage of cell phones, computers, and/or tablets. As everyone would agree, one of the main reasons is due to the deformation of the cervical spine. The cervical spine connects the spine to the lumbar toe to neural network. The nerves are connected to every visceral period. All visceral organs and muscle fibers are deeply connected to the fascia fibers. If the nerve cells are not healthy, it affects the capillaries, muscles, fascia, and bones. If a part of the fascia tissue is distorted or depressed, the oxygen supply, body fluids, blood, and ganglion are all malnourished and distorted. Cells will become necrotic over the course of decades.


2. Hypoxia

Due to the tension of the fascia, all internal organs begin to deform from their natural appearance. The space is narrowed or pressed so that a certain amount of oxygen cannot pass through the cell. Chronic hypoxia often does not feel a distinct symptom. However, cell transformation by many years is a sufficient reason to cause various diseases. This may cause the generation of free radicals. It can be said that the wrong breathing method is also included.


3. Free radicals

The generation of free radicals is a major cause of aging. In addition, the state in which cell regeneration is not active is called aging. Direct symptoms include inflammation. Basically, a health cell is a state in which sufficient and fresh oxygen is supplied through capillaries. As already explained in above (#1 and 2), not only the amount of oxygen, but also the method of reducing the proportion of free radicals are produced when nutrients and oxygen are ingested and synthesized in mitochondria. Based on years of studies on free radicals and reducing the generation, there are right breathing methods, the right way to build the body’s structure, and the way to eat food that does not generate free radicals.

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