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DNA Aptitude

GENE 's Structure


It is a study that reads the fate of man by combining science, medicine, and dynamics of the East. Each person has a special code at the moment of birth based on the birth month, date, year and time. Of course, it is a science based on 5,000 years of statistics but it is a process of reading the values and all inclinations of human beings as if they were encrypted. When interpreting or translating a foreign language, the difference can be significant, as the meaning differs depending on the interpreter’s ability.


There are letters that are given when everyone is born. It is again divided into 20 kinds, each causing a myriad of changes in the interaction. The pattern of change is grafted onto hundreds of thousands of other situations. As if the DNA chains freeze each other to form cells, and the cells form the body, they change as long as life continues in chemical reactions and constant relationships.


Humans generally have the two conflicting emotions when learning about their destiny. We have desire to know about our future. Yet, we also fear about knowing our destiny.


In addition, we cannot see it with our eyes, but there are chemical reactions in our body when there is an interaction between two people. Based on the your constitution, you will be counseled on the relationship compatibility in not just love relationships, but family, friends, co-workers business partners, bosses, subordinates relationships.


The counseling will guide you on how to approach certain relationships. Understanding the relationship compatibility will provide you with deeper appreciation in emotional or psychological interaction and connection with others. It will also guide you on who to avoid and who to be close to. This knowledge will assist you to live less a stressful life.


Humans are predestined to have a certain role when they are born. Knowing whether I am a giant tree or a vine is helpful in life. This also applies to relationships such as spouse, parents, children, siblings, friends, etc.


When you know that certain events are to happen, there will be no painful surprises that are unbearable. This can only help you to prepare and live a better life.

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