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Blood Test
At the initial visit, a blood sample is observed under a microscope to examine the current state of health.

Based on observing red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), platelets, parasites and bacteria, the treatments are determined and the patient’s before and after health and blood conditions are compared and analyzed.

The patients are able to experience improved health by simple changes in nutrition. This will motivate patients to set higher goals by actively engaging in the treatments.

As more time is spent on improving health, patients will gain better knowledge about his/her body and immune status.


O2 (Oxygen) level saturation


The concentration of O2 level in the blood naturally decreases with age but this does not mean everyone has the same O2 level based on their age. Two people who were the same age can have 02 level that looks years apart. Why is it so? One can’t help but to ask following questions:


  • Is it genetic? No, we all know that twins have different health conditions.

  • Is it gender?

  • Is it the environment?

  •  Is it the type of food one consumes?

  • Is it the difference in lifestyle?

  • Is it the one’s awareness or perception of health?

  • Is it the personality?

  • Is it the amount of education?

  • Is it the type of job one may have?

  • Is the economy a factor?

  • Is it the difference in ethnicity?

  • Is it a disease?

  •  Or is it simply a fate?


All the above are realistic questions and the answer can be both yes and no. We will go over all the above questions in dept and you will receive a personalized plan and a greater knowledge to live healthier life.

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