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Blood Cell Alignment

How long is person's life expectancy?

What are some factors that caused for a change where we used to live for almost thousands of years and now shortened to at best 100 years?


  • Is it the concentration of O2 in the air?

  • Is it a change in temperature or is it caused by pollution of water or air?

  • Is it because of the disease?

  • Is it food?

  • Is it because of relationships or work stress?

  • Is it genetic?

  • Is it because of inflammation?

  • Is it because of cancer?

  • Is it because of hormone? 

  • Is it because of depression?

  • Is it because of personality?

  • Is it due to relationships with the spouse, children, parents or siblings?

  • Is it our destiny?


Each cell in our body is programmed with the timeline from the start of regeneration in the good direction to the death of the cell.


So is there a way to control the process of apoptosis?

Yes, and it took me a lifetime to figure out how to decode cells. My intensive clinical and experimental procedures over the last 4 years helped me to gather the data that show cells in the body can stay at a certain stage before programmed cell death.

How long do you want to live?

This issue is not to be the subject of religion or philosophy.

It depends on how much one can prepare and perform assigned tasks.


How much effort can you make?

This will include time, money, change of consciousness, knowledge and stamina. With all these in place, you can achieve it.


Many people think of getting sick as a natural process as they get older. This is a huge misconception and I have decoded this false understanding. As your doctor, I will share with you how to prevent diseases, stimulate metabolism, detox, regenerate good cells and practice your unique personal care that are different from the rest.


We all want to be healthy but in the flood of information, what is really the right way?


The fact is that it is the law of nature that human cells regenerate constantly as long as the conditions are met. And this regeneration can happen in both good and bad cells. And the regeneration of bad cells is a prime example of cancer cells.


Everyone has the freedom to choose something better than the current methods they know and practice. I believe people should fully be aware of what it looks like to live without illness and die without pain.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to live forever in the current ecosystem of the Earth. Nevertheless, without the help of traditional therapies or invasive medical technology, you can get well from a disease by naturally regenerating your own good cells by maintaining a constant state of certain hormone secretion.


I believe life expectancy is almost fixed at each birth. It is as if the life span of a pine tree is different from that of a peach tree. However, let’s forget about the different type of trees for now and only look at the pine tree as an example. A pine tree grown in an optimal environment with perfect nutrition will outlive a pine tree that is grown in poor condition such as no sunlight, air or water even though both are genetically engineered to be a pine tree living 100+ years.

There are many other factors that goes beyond just the environment and nutrition but as an introduction, I’m keeping it simple and presenting only the best and worst ways that affect life.


The alternative medicine can act as a bridge between the western and oriental medicine. Alternative medicine is a type of medical treatments that are used instead of traditional therapies which can yield effective results in a natural way.


We all have a general idea of what we need to do and eat in order to stay healthy. However, everyone’s level and amount of knowledge, experience, wisdom, education, cognitive abilities, health history and emotional and mental strengths are all different.

Therefore, I take the 1:1 counseling with the patient as one of the most valuable sessions which leads me to providing accurate diagnoses and treatments to cure and prevent diseases.

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